Fire Compartmentation

Fire compartmentation helps to significantly prevent the spread of fire using fire safety features such as fire doors and fire dampers in building structures. This works by compartmentalizing a blaze to certain sections of a building to make the fire more manageable and ultimately slows the spread of a fire into other areas. It also provides safer and clearer routes as a means of escape and evacuation. Our fire safety features are designed to give maximum protection from both fire and smoke danger and damage.

Fire compartmentation features such as fire doors and fire dampers are a requirement to comply with building regulations and legislation. We offer fire protection services to new and existing buildings to a high standard  to help safeguard your building.

For an onsite evaluation or for general fire safety advice for your building please contact us and we will be happy to help. These safety measures are very important and can help in saving people’s lives and limit any long lasting damage to your building.

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