Fire Extinguishers

  • Must always be maintained and ready to use in the event of a fire emergency
  • Must be serviced and tested every 12 months by a competent and qualified person
  • It is the duty of the business owner/ responsible person to organise the annual service.

Our Service – Inspections, Reports and Maintenance  

Our team of engineers conduct thorough inspections and tests to ensure your extinguishers are in optimal working order. We provide an annual inspection service and a full photographic report to ensure you are compliant to British Standards (BS 5306) and fire safety regulations.

 A business owner/responsible person must be able to demonstrate to a Fire Safety Officer that you have a suitable maintenance system in place and have taken all reasonable and practical actions to safeguard your premises and every person in it.

Please contact us for more information on the services we provide or for a tailored quote for your premises. Our rates remain the most competitive on the market for an efficient, professional service you can rely on

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